We Have Moved!

Where Have We Moved To?

As of January 2022, our business is now based in Southport on Hoghton Street, having previously been located at Centurion House in Leyland.

Why Southport?

Our Technical Director and Approved Electrician, Phil Antrobus was born and raised in Southport.

Phil carried out his apprenticeship here, and worked for several well-respected large local firms while gaining his valuable experience over a period of 15 years before setting up Antrobus Electrical in 2019. He remained in Southport until 2014, when he moved in with his now wife and business partner, Kim Antrobus.

We have been gaining an increasing amount of work and interest in the Southport area, and due to family ties here, we made the decision to move both our business and our family to Southport.

The process has been long, shaky and laborious; we finalised the move of our family in December 2021, and the business began its move in January 2022.  Moving the business is going to be a phased move.

Do You Still Carry Out Work In Lancashire?

Yes!  And we will continue to work across Lancashire and the Fylde Coast while broadening our company’s reach across Merseyside.

Where Is Your Office Based Now?

Our office is now based on Hoghton Street in Southport’s town centre.  Kim will be based here, and our incredible assistant, Anna, remains virtual, continuing to assist us from her home in Somerset.  Phil will be based wherever the electrical work takes him, be it Southport or further afield!

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